Bunker-42 on Taganka

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Bunker-42 - one of the most unusual museums in Moscow, located in the center of the capital at a depth of 65 meters. Visitors to this mysterious place have to learn a lot of interesting facts, marked with the stamp of secrecy. We offer excursions for all tastes to guests: "Stamp is off", "Bunker Secrets", "Special Taganka", "Bunker-42", NVP, ZKP-42, "Soviet Russia". Moving along the secret corridors, where the spirit of the 1950s still hovers, visitors come into contact with an era when the world was on the verge of a nuclear war. Here you can see truly exclusive exhibits - mock-ups of rockets and airplanes, the first full-sized Soviet atomic bomb, the memorial studio of Yuri Levitan and much more.


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Address: 5th Kotelnichesky pereulok, 11
Fax: +7 (495) 500-05-53/ 112 или +7 (495) 500-05-54/ 112

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